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Version 1.2 for Microsoft Flight Simulator 98(r)

Welcome to the GaugeDump 1.2 Page. GaugeDump is a utility for panel designers of Flight Simulator 98. On this page you can find the last release of verion 1.2, release notes, known bugs, and documentation for the program.

GaugeDump is a Win32 program that will take a Flight Simulator gauge file and create a nearly complete "C" output file. It also extracts all the bitmaps used by the gauge. To find out more information, look at the documentation page.

Download the last released version of GaugeDump 1.2 now. GAUGEDMP.EXE - 154,112 Bytes

See the documentation for GaugeDump

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Release Notes

Version 1.0 - Released to the public, 08-Feb-1998

Version 1.1 - Release to the public, 15-Feb-1998

Version 1.2 - Released to the public, 16-Jun-1998

Known Bugs

Version 1.0

Version 1.1

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